About Us

Goal Focused Learning has been established to focus on 3 core areas; Management and Leadership, Food Safety and Health and Safety programmes. Goal Focused Learning is a team of highly skilled people who have worked within organisations delivering core projects within each of these areas; this enables us to critically take the theory and turn it into workable solutions for you.

At Goal Focused Learning one of our core principles is as Stephen Covey discusses in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind. To that end, our aim is to give you the employer the control and flexibility in the development of your employees by working with you in the design of programmes that you need to deliver both the project requirements and also your Organisational Goals.

Typically we work with groups of around 12 people but can accommodate larger group sizes if required. We are also able to offer one to one coaching to discuss and work through personal or organisational goals if required.


  • Very educational. I also obtained an insight into how to become a more effective individual as well as a Manager.
  • Expected the course to be boring and pointless; however it was far from it.
  • David was very thorough, understanding and displayed very practical topics and issues.
  • I enjoyed the course. I found it extremely informative and made me realise my areas of improvement. I now feel more confident in my ability as a department manager / team leader.
  • Good course which is relevant to my job, with interesting tips on how to become an effective manager by implementing,  the way you put things across to people and the correct way to do it.
  • Very well delivered and very well paced, was ‘fun’ considering supervision can be a dry topic.
  • This training has been one of the most constructive I have attended.
  • Learnt a lot of useful information and I will be able to user a lot of what I have learnt in the real world.
  • Excellent presentation – very clear and concise.
  • Wasn’t looking forward to the course but found it relevant and engaging right from the start.
  • Good training, made interesting by David. I have learnt quite a lot in an interesting way.
  • Enjoyed learning a lot about all the different types of bacteria and how best to minimise them.
  • I now know what temperatures food should be cooked at and how they should be stored; the different bacteria and how they can affect us.