Health & Safety

Currently many amendments are being made to Health and Safety Legislation in the United Kingdom; as an Employer you need to ensure that your employees are working in accordance with those legislative changes.

Goal Focused Learning is a registered Training Centre with the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) and also The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

Goal Focused Learning works in partnership with the CIEH and IOSH to deliver tailored, quality Health and Safety programmes that are relevant to both your Organisational requirements such as compliance with your Health, Safety and Environment Policy and to also meet legislative requirements.

The Trainers at Goal Focused Learning are experienced in delivering a suite of Health and Safety programmes having spent many years working in Manufacturing Industries across the United Kingdom.

Goal Focused Learning will work in partnership with your Company to ensure that courses are tailored to meet your specific requirements whether that is for the acquisition of new skills on entering your Company or moving to a new role. We will also reference to your Policies and Procedures to ensure they are relevant and learnt skills are transferable.

Goal Focused Learning will also email you when individuals are nearing their refresher training date taking the stress and concern out of remembering and planning your Health and Safety Programme ensuring your Company stays up to date with legislative changes.

Please contact Goal Focused Learning to discuss your specific requirements further and arrange a site visit to allow us to build your Company proposal.

We offer a full range of Health & Safety qualifications:

CIEH Qualification Levels Explained

Qualification LevelTarget DelegatesRole Examples
Level 1 Aimed at those new to the workplace who require a simple training course in a subject to keep them and those around them safe, when starting work or as part of an induction programme. School leavers taking their first job or those that are returning to work or yet to enter the workplace
Level 2 Aimed at those in the workplace who participate in activities related to the subject area. The qualification equates to the ‘foundation’ or ‘basic’ qualification. Shop floor employees and front line staff employees in production or services.
Level 3 Aimed at those in the workplace who require safety training courses in activities related to the subject area and who also have a related supervisory role. The qualification equates to the intermediate qualification. Team leaders, supervisors and junior managers.
Level 4 Aimed at those in the workplace who participate in activities related to the subject area and who also have a related management and/or training role. The qualification equates to the advanced qualification. Senior supervisors, departmental managers and operations managers with responsibility for multiple sites.