Team Leader Training


This course provides essential team leadership skills to newly promoted team leaders. Leadership is often difficult for team members who have just stepped into the role, so this programme aims to develop and improve leadership skills in order to enhance effectiveness within the team and organisation.

Who should attend?

Those who are new to the Team Leader role with limited prior formal training or for employees who have the potential for future development into a Team Leader role. This course provides the skills, tools and techniques needed to start the journey of becoming a confident manager.

Benefits of attending

Once back at the workplace, participants will be able to:

  • Assess and improve their effectiveness as the leader of a team
  • Make decisions with greater confidence
  • Motivate and develop the team to achieve greater potential
  • Adopt methods to improve channels of communication with their team
  • Use the stages of team development to assess the maturity of their team
  • Provide constructive feedback to their team members
  • Use a variety of management skills and techniques to achieve results

Course outline

  • Understand the role of a Team leader an organisation
  • Responsibilities of the team leader
  • Giving feedback to team members
  • Motivators and demotivators at work
  • Motivating a demotivated member of the team
  • Definition of communication
  • Improving in-company communication
  • Stages in team development
  • Characteristics of effective teamwork
  • Problem solving tools and techniques

Course duration

2 days

This course can be tailored to suit your specific business requirements.

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